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Boquete is an attractive region (district) located in the high lands of the Chiriqui province. More exactly, a charming valley shared by several sites of tourist interest like the Boquete town, the Bajo (Low) Boquete, Caldera and Palmira. The slopes of the mountains that surround this beautiful valley are covered with plantations of coffee and flowers, two of the most important products of the region.

The limits of the Boquete district are, to then north, the Bocas del Toro province, to the west the Bugaba and Dolega districts, to the south the Dolega and David districts and to the east the Gualaca district. It comprises the villages of Alto Boquete, Bajo Boquete, Caldera, Jaramillo, Los Naranjos and Palmira.

On a surface of 514 km2 live a population of approximately 17,000 inhabitants and it is located between an approximated height 300 (south) and 3,000 (north) meters over the level of the sea, depending on the sector.

The average temperature is 20º centigrade all the year, with two types of climate: tempered very humid of the highs, with many rain during the whole year (over 60 milimeters), and humid tropical.

The district is located at 40 kilometers of the city of David, 480 kms of the city of Panama and 400 kms of the city of San Jose of Costa Rica.


In order to arrive at Boquete, from David, there are buses that, leaving the terminal of this city each hour, bring you to the "valley of the flowers" in only fourty five minutes. The ticket costs $ 1.50 per person and the buses run between 6:00 am and 8:00 pm.

Driving there are only forty kilometers from the Interamerican Highway (turn to the left on the signs if you are travelling from Costa Rica, Paso Canoas or David, or to the right if you are travelling from Panama City) that pass between landscapes of great scenic beauty causing that the time happens almost without realizing.


Founded on April 11, 1911, Boquete initially was populated by inhabitants of other adjacent districts, to which added Swiss, Yugoslav, Swedish, German and North Americans inmigrants. Their properties, farms and houses keep the styles of architecture of those regions of Central Europe.

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