The town of Caldera is a very quiet place where everything looks clean and simple. A small church beside the main street in front of an empty field that looks like is for sports, an also small square with a playground for children and several bars (¨jardines¨) break the monotony of that street.

To reach Caldera from David, turn to the right when you see a sign indicating the town, more or less 28 kilometers from the Interamerican Highway. From Boquete turn to the left in the sign that it is located at 10 kilometers of that town. In both cases you have 11 kilometers to the begining of the town by a paved road in good condition.

In the way is worthly to stop in the first kilometer to look a beautiful panoramic view of the mountains and valleys. Later, at kilometer 6, you will find a fork of the road. Taking to the right you will reach the town of Gualaca and the Esti Hidrologic Project. Taking to the left is the right way to go to Caldera.

Two kilometers ahead of the fork the road crosses the Caldera River, a good stop to take pictures of this beautiful river. A small fall is an additional incentive to the view.

Two more kilometers and you are in Caldera town, right in the main street. So, it is the moment to visit their two main attractions: the Painted Rock and the Thermal Waters.


The view from the bridge over the Caldera River


The town