Caldera´s Thermal Waters


The thermal waters of Caldera are inside a private property at about 2.5 kilometers from the main road. It is a group of four holes with waters that have between 41 and 50 centigrades of temperature, depending on the place. If you are going to take baths don´t forget to bring bathing suites and towels. Don´t bring soap or anyother cleaner, please.

To reach the site you must follow a secondary road that starts 2 kilometers from the beginning of the town, turning to the right in the main road when finding the sign. The road is in bad condition, filled with small rocks that makes dangerous to bring a car other than a high 4x4. After two kilometers, the road ends on a bridge over the Caldera River. Cross the bridge and leave the car parked in the other side. You will see a sign pointing in the direction of the waters and that are missing 500 meters, that you will walk.

Two hundred meters ahead you will find a door to the left. Open the door and walk another 300 meters until you are there, in the site. There is a house, where the caretakers lives. Call them and pay $1 per person as a fee. Remember that you are in a private property. They will bring the instructions on how to use the baths. Two of the holes are surrounded by a rock walls bringing you a little intimity. The other two are totally open.




The Caldera River


The way to the Thermal Waters


The pools


The surroundings